Prerequisites for agility

Wolfgang Hilpert


In this session, we will discuss some necessary building blocks to make the critical changes associated with an agile transformation helping to derisk the organization's agile journey.

Changing an organization to become more adaptive to changing conditions in the environment by adopting an agile way of working is easy to understand, but very hard to do. Many organizations fail.
Common challenges that particularly large organizations encounter on their agile journey led Wolfgang Hilpert and Simon Powers to create a checklist of prerequisites for agility. Considering these pre-requisites before starting to implement Agile can significantly improve the chance of success.
In this session, Wolfgang will discuss a wide range of necessary building blocks to make the critical changes associated with an agile transformation work and be able to determine when and how the change will stall by seeing what is missing.
This can then be used to fill in the gaps and re-start stalled or failed change programs and successfully enable and then scale agility across the enterprise.



Wolgang Hilpert

Wolfgang has led product and technology organizations over the last 25 years. He evolved from co-founder of a startup company to executive leader at some of the leading global tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft and SAP, and some midsize companies. In these positions, Wolfgang has taken on the challenge to act as a transformative leader when he drove significant product innovation and quality improvements time and again.
In his most recent position, he has been leading the Agile transformation at HERE Technologies as VP Business Agility. Over the past 12 years, Wolfgang developed a strong passion for Lean and Agile methods, principles, and mindset. He is determined to continue to learn and improve his personal agility while helping other individuals and organizations benefit from his experiences.

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