"Respect for those who do it agile" - in this case, toom itself. SAFe® transformation with Agile Hive

Christine Heitmann, Lukas Landwehr


"Respect for those who do it agile" - in this case, toom itself.

Christine Heitmann and Lukas Landwehr take you on a journey through their experience of a successful SAFe transformation with Agile Hive. During this presentation, they report on the obstacles they faced during this process and why in the end, (almost) everything worked out. Of course, both of them will gladly answer your questions afterwards.



Christine Heitmann

Christine took over the leadership of the Team Coaches in IT at toom in May 2021. Prior to that, she worked at an IT consultancy company for 4 years, supporting agile transformations from an Organizational Change & Communication perspective. Together with the Team Coaches, she now supports the current 17 teams on their way into the agile development world. On this journey, she is particularly interested in promoting the agile mindset: tackling new challenges with courage, curiosity and trust in one's own team.

Lukas Landwehr

Lukas took over the job of Team Lead Principal Engineer in toom's IT department in April 2020. Together with another Principal Engineer, he is responsible for the disciplinary management of the approximately 60 DevOps Engineers with a focus on the customer-facing and logistics teams. This includes especially nurturing the DevOps and Tech culture as well as further developing the DevOps processes and creating the right framework for the employees. In addition, he has taken over the responsibility for the Program Increment Planning and control process because of the agile transformation. Prior to that, he spent several years in the project environment and managed various projects at toom as well as in a biotechnology company according to classic and agile approaches.

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