Date and Time

Mon, June 25, 2018
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM CEST


3. OG, Luisenforum
Kirchgasse 6
65185 Wiesbaden


5 - 8 €

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Refunds up to 1 day before event

Lean Startup Night Rhein-Main

By Live on Demand & Lean Startup Company

Lean Startup Night Rhein-Main, hosted by ambassadors Eckhart Böhme and Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld, is a special event that aims to brings the Lean Startup community together to share knowledge, get inspired and network. Speakers from startups and corporate innovation will share their best practices using the Lean Startup methodology to create innovative products and services.

Lean Startup Night is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup Night is hosted by our network of ambassadors and features a different panel talk, fireside chat or presentation with a mentor from the Lean Startup community and local innovation champions. Learn more about the Lean Startup Night meetup series here.


6:30 pmDoors open
7:00 pmWelcome and opening remarks
7:10 pm

Fireside Chat with Nick Muldoon
Nick will present a case study: From investment thesis to $2m ARR in 2½ Years. In this session we'll interview Nick Muldoon, co-founder of Easy Agile. We'll explore how and why two Atlassian Alumni moved their families from Silicon Valley to a coastal town in Australia, explored potential products, validated them, found product market fit and went from investment thesis to $2m ARR in two and a half years. Nick comes with experience from working at Atlassian, SF Agile Marketing, Agile Industry Consortium, Twitter and now Easy Agile.

8:00 pmQ&A with Nick Muldoon
8:15 pm

Lean Learning Pitches

  • Vom Lean Canvas zum Market Fit in 8 Wochen - Value Proposition und Channel Validierung via Splittesting:
    Florian Hofmann is CEO of myBlix Software GmbH in Sulzbach exited the innovative Speedchat-App With 28 he pitched his first million seed round, co-founded an incubator and established successfully several startups like pixoona and paij. He is member of the IHK- advisory board for „creative & digital economics“ and lecturer at the University of Applied Science Rhein Main for "Lean StartUp Methods". Florian is a frequent speaker about #leanstartup #failure and #scalinglean. 
  • R+V Lab, Tim Baumeister
  • Pando Ventures, Florian Keller & Açao
  • DG Verlag, TBD
8:45 pm

Networking with drinks and snacks

9:00 pmEnd

Lean Startup Circle Rhein-Main

Eckhart Böhme and Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld

Paul has been with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since 2003 and has worked with a number of different software development teams in various roles. Currently, he is focused on the product development of //SEIBER/MEDIAs social intranet suite Linchpin, and the implementation of Linchpin in various large companies in Germany and worldwide.

Eckhart, a former Microsoft veteran, is a speaker, trainer and coach on topics like the Jobs to Be Done theory, Lean Startup, and business model design. He recently served as the subject matter expert for the German book editions of The Startup Way, by Eric Ries and Competing Against Luck by Clayton Christensen, et al.

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