This page will help guide you through the process of ordering services with //Seibert/Media

How to place an order:

You can fill out the form on this page - which is our preferred method for processing your order. You can also upload files to this form. Alternatively, you can fill out the attached order form. Finally, many of our customers integrate their orders from their ordering software and then upload the corresponding file here directly.

Of course you don’t have to attach a file when you place an order. You can enter all the data concerning your order on the second page, which is also a big help to us.

Alternative ways to place an order:

The form on this page is the fastest and safest way for us to process your order. But we want to make the ordering process as simple and uncomplicated as possible for you! The usual alternative ways of placing orders are by email, fax, or post.

Method of ContactHow to complete your order

Send an email to

FaxSend a fax to 0611-20570-70 and the fax will be forwarded to us as an email. Incoming faxes, however, must first be viewed and sorted manually before being forwarded, so we appreciate your understanding that longer processing times can be expected when ordering via fax.

Sometimes orders include extensive contracts and documents that are initialled and signed. Such documents can also be sent to us by snail mail. Our mailing address is:

Seibert Media GmbH
Kirchgasse 6

65185 Wiesbaden

Order confirmation

After we receive an order from you, we will send you an order confirmation. We usually send this confirmation by email directly to the contact person at your company who placed the order..

Orders: Questions & Answers

We want to use our own order form, can we do that?

Yes, you can. You can generate orders from your own system and make your own templates as well as terms and conditions for your content. However, if you would like to include such special conditions as a part of your order, please provide us with this information directly. Perhaps this is a different way of doing things, but we actually read these sorts of messages and will contact you if we notice something that we think might not work.

Simply upload your files into the form on this page.

Can we personalize our terms and conditions, excluding yours so that only ours apply?

Yes, you can. If you take a closer look, you will find that our terms and conditions consist of only one sentence. Of course we will check your terms and conditions, but generally this is not a problem.

What happens after I fill out the order form on this page?

All incoming orders are manually recorded by us in the same manner and with the data as you find it in the form on this page. In this respect, this is definitely the fastest way for us to process your order.

After a form has been filled out, we check the entries. In the vast majority of cases, everything is already clear with the uploaded files and the information in the form. Next, we create an order confirmation and send it to you.

If there is a need for a consultation, we will contact your contact person by phone or email for clarification. Especially when working with terms and conditions, it can take some time until all points have been cleared up. But even this situation is rare.

After the order is confirmed, we will do our best to process your order exactly as agreed. That is our goal with every order.

How do I cancel services after I’ve ordered?

While this would be a shame for us should you choose to do so, it is important that contract termination is neither a secret nor a complicated matter. We hope that you find our cancellation process to be an easy one, even if we'd hate to see you go.

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Do you have any questions about your order? You can simply write to us at or call us at 0611-20570-42 and we’ll be happy to help you!

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