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In our free weekly internet broadcast of Live Sessions for web and IT issues, competent guests are more than welcome! Every Thursday, in our broadcasts, we discuss interesting issues like corporate communications and collaboration with wikis and enterprise 2.0 concepts, social media facets as well as interesting new tools and web technologies.

Do you have particular know-how in specific areas, that you would like to share with viewers? Do you have a new tool or an innovative method that is special to you? Or are there specific problems or challenges about the web, that you would like to discuss publicly? You are welcome to determine subject, agenda and process.

Guests, that would like to participate in the live sessions remotely

  • The live sessions are normally broadcasted live on thursdays from 11.15 until 12:00 AM, free of charge under (Our online consultation takes place tuesdays under
  • Normally, our guests are connected via Skype for video and audio and via WebEx or TeamViewer for onscreen transfer.
  • Beforehand, we will test troublefree initialization of technologies, in a brief appointment.

On site guests in Wiesbaden

  • Naturally, there is also the option, that guests come to us directly, in person, in Wiesbaden, to be on site.
  • Here are our directions (German)

Advantages of live sessions with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

45 minutes for your pet subject

  • Your pet subject: We will suit your needs for your choice issue. You can strongly influence the content and process, so that we can discuss issues that are of great interest to you.
  • One hour time of production: Time of production for joint live sessions is very hort for you. Since we work live, the live sessions only take 45 minutes, which merely leaves 15 minutes preparation to correlate technology beforehand.
  • No travel time: No travel time is incurred, when live sessions are carried out via Skype.


  • Blog promotion: Our live sessions with guests are announced in a blog article. In addition, our guests can publish a contribution themselves. Our weblog is read by concise 850 active subscribers as RSS feed. It reaches 20,000 visitors monthy and is sent to over 7,000 recipients via email.
  • Email invitations: Additionally, we invite selected customers to join our live sessions on specific issues via email.
  • Social media advertisement: Our events are announced through Twitter, Facebook, and Xing profile and potentially reach over 12,000 followers/fans/friends/contacts. These notices are often broadcasted additionally (Retweet, Facebook-Share) and this way reach further persons.
  • Contact information: In all of our announcements we explicitly refer to our guests and link websites, twitter user or related.
  • Your marketing: Naturally, you can enhance the reach by reposting our announcements or create something yourself.

Show and follow-up

  • Live spectators: Depending on the issue, between 5 and 90 participants attend the event live, to watch and listen. Several spectators even discuss live and ask questions. Since our guests frequently announce and apply for live session guest appearances themselves, doubling these numbers is possible by all means. But the order of events is scheduled, so that spectator questions are merely optional.
  • YouTube utilization: Recordings of live sessions are published on YouTube. There they can reach an additional 10 to 500 views. Furthermore, you can recieve the live recordings as download files and use these at your convenience. Especially YouTube videos, but also our live session detail pages are listed well with Google.
  • Blog retrospect: With some issues we once more draw up a review in a blog article afterwards. On all pages the guest is advertised, with links to his website.
  • Inquiry: Sporadically (but rather seldom) we recieve information requests directly during or after the live-sessions to the introduced issues.

English examples of live sessions

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