Try out an enterprise wiki here and now?

Do you want to evaluate the leading commercial enterprise wiki system, Confluence by Atlassian, right now? Check out our Confluence hosting service SWIFT with a free and non-binding 30-day trial. Please fill in the following form to request your instance. In short it will be available under your desired internet address.

Enterprise Wikis: Inquire and test now!

There are many good reasons to evaluate a wiki for your organization now: saved costs, more efficient work, less redundancy, always current information for all employees, ...

What you will get for free if you fill in our form

  1. Arguments for an enterprise wiki
    Utilized papers about reasons for an enterprise wiki and its advantages: reliable information for your decision.
  2. Transparent budget: cost survey
    Our standard guidance offer and our workshop offer: you can calculate your projet budget by selecting every item particularly - large, medium, small, do it yourself, exclude.
  3. Lots of professional articles about wikis
    Access to many English blog posts about a wiki adoption.
  4. Video tutorials
    Many demo videos with general explanations and specific screencasts to learn how to use a wiki.
  5. Printed brochures for your team
    Up to 10 printed 24 page brochures about enterprise wikis to read in.
  6. Tips for avoiding problems
    Scientific insights about problems related to a wiki adoption. Avoid obstacles.
  7. Materials for your internal presentation
    Presentation templates to promote a wiki project within your organization.
  8. Instructions for dealing with wiki sceptics
    Personas which show you how to deal with sceptics and how to encourage wiki excitement.
  9. Examples of customized wiki designs
    Dossier about the importance of a professional wiki design.
  10. Activate your employees
    Tutorials and proposals: how to activate your colleagues to use the wiki?
  11. Comprehensive comparsion of wiki systems
    Technical, functional and usability comparsion between the various enterprise wiki systems.
  12. Your own secure evaluation instance of Confluence
    Free and non-binding access to an evaluation instance for your team to try out the leading commercial wiki software, Confluence by Atlassian, with full access to all features.

After your inquiry: information email, knowledge resources, non-binding consulting call

After filling in our form on the left we will get an email with your data and contact you quickly. Before that, we will send you an email with detailed information and further links.

Afterwards we will make a short telephone call with you and look forward to talk about your wishes and needs. Togehter we acquire the next steps. Usually you will get a budget overview for your cost planning during our first conversation.

Depending on your needs we will send you your relevant information from the list above then. This includes our standard guidance offer and our wiki workshops offers togehter with lots of information you can use for your internal persuading efforts.

In addition, we often conduct optional live presentations with interested customers. To this we invite further decision makers from your organization with pleasure. We can conduct this presentation personally or as a desktop sharing session.

That’s why //SEIBERT/MEDIA is your right partner: capable, experienced, full service

Large service provider

With about 70 employees, we are one of the few service providers which are able to provide professional support on this special subject with so many capable employees.

Everything from a single source

Wiki projects require technology know how but also organizational and cultural expertise. With our experienced consultants, designers, developers and administrators, we provide initial strategic consulting, realization and secure running of your system from a single source with our own full-time employees.

Experience since 1996

Since 1996, //SEIBERT/MEDIA is a full service agency for web projects. We accomplished internet technology projects with eight-digit scopes and we would be proud to be your reliable and reputable partner.

Certified Atlassian partner

The producer of the wiki software Confluence, Atlassian, has certified //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a trustworthy partner. We are an official partner for all Atlassian products. Through the cooperation with us you even will obtain financial benefits.

Customers who trust //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Some of the biggest companies in the world trust //SEIBERT/MEDIA: Accor, Allianz, Deutsche Post, Hessen, Hitachi, Honda, Fresenius, Lufthansa, SAP and SGS. We conducted wiki projects with Danone, DekaBank, Deutsche Telekom, Generali, gtz, Kneipp, ReiseBank and dozens of other interesting organizations.

Use our form for your inquiry about enterprise wikis now and assure yourself of our capability!


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